Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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Whatsapp as Wikipedia Engine

Whatsapp as Wikipedia Search Engine

Whatsapp Bot: How to Use Whatsapp as Wikipedia Engine

Everyone is checking on Wikipedia for any topic or person or place or anything. But what if the Wikipedia comes to your own device without its app?
Now you can accessing Wikipedia via Whatsapp. Follow these steps:

1) Sa
ve the shared contact as Wikipedia to your phone. (Wikipedia : +1 (581) 318-3940).

2)Create a Group with any Group name and add this contact (Wikipedia) only. You are already another contact by default: so Wikipedia and you (only 2 members) become the members.

Now you post in that group, anything textual to search in Wikipedia starting text with “wiki<space>”.Example: if you want something to know about “RBI”,You must type: wiki RBI. (WIKI <SPACE> RBI)

Wikipedia replies you in the group automatically in some minutes.

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